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Helltrek has arrived. . .

Well hello internet. I really have no specific direction for this blog at all. I have been playing Warhamme Online: Age of Reckoning now for a few months straight. I can thank/blame Sons of Anarchy for keeping my interest within the game for these passing months. Due to my MMO A.D.D. I have a total of 9 Order Characters on the Badlands Server and 4 Destruction on Iron Rock. All ranging in classes and rank. My highest being a Warrior Priest, Helldorf, who is 40/41 and does not get much love due to my hate of healing and a Level 34/31 Slayer who is shaping up to becoming my main (Helltrek). I have several mid-twenty toons: Shadow Warrior, Bright Wizard, Knight of the Blazing Sun, Witch Hunter. As well as a handful of T1 toons: Engineer, Iron Breaker and Archmage (again, I hate healing). On the Destruction side, Iron Rock houses my 16/16 Chosen, and T1 Witch Elf, Disciple of Khaine and Choppa.

I would like to use this space to keep track of my journey through these WAR Characters and will also try to post recent news on the game itself, and most likely a few rants that will vary in nature.

Anyways, thanks for visiting, and please bear with me as I learn how to use this fancy contraption.