A guide through his own personal Hell… Gaming

Back for the Attack

After a nice hiatus, I will be returning, maybe not super structured, or news breaking like some of the well-known bloggers. But. . . back.

Back for the Attack


Just a quick update. I have now moved over to the “Dark Side” and currently working on a DoK on Gorfang. Sitting at 35/34 and charging through. Something tells me I might end up just like my Warrior Priest though. . . collecting dust. The idea of being able to hand out some damage while healing yourself and occasionally others always sounds like a great idea, but tends to get boring to me. I do have a few other classes in the Shute collecting rested in IC just in case though 😉

Things will be a bit sporadic here and for me, I recently am out of work and now playing the role of Mr. Mom to a 9 month old. Who just started crawling. . the days of “sit here and play” are over, it’s now the “how many times can I make daddy get off his ass” game. But still enjoyable. Just. . . different. Anyways. Hopefully more to come and hopefully something that is actually slightly entertaining. Till then.


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