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Awesome deal on a Razer Naga!

So, I was going through my normal sites this morning and was checking all of the “woots” [woot.com , sellout.woot.com, kids.woot.com]. And happen to see an amazing deal on a Razer Naga Mouse on today’s featured deal on sellout.woot.com that I feel compelled to share since it has made my WAR experience MUCH more fluid and enjoyable. If you are checking this post and it is NOT 8/26/2010 then please disregard, but frequent those sites, because they always have great deals daily.

Now, I bought mine at Best Buy a few months ago for just about twice the price. If you are looking for a mouse . . . You NEED this mouse if you are an MMO Player. . and if you are reading this . . you are. . . so stop fucking around and go buy it. Before using the Naga I was a “Clicker”, using my mouse to click each ability. Using the Naga has allowed me to focus more of my attention on what is happening around my character and focusing more on killing someone in the face instead of glancing down to make sure I click the right ability. The mouse is quality, as you would expect from a gaming peripheral company like Razer and highly customizable. Now if you already are very comfortable using the keyboard for your abilities, then it won’t be a HUGE jump in advantage for you but I would think would just help make things flow a little easier.

10 Stars out of 5 in my book for being a former “Clicker”. Just figured I would share this with the two people that check this site 😉


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