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July Producer’s Letter is out. . .We’ve gone. . PLAID!!

So, for those of you that don’t know, every Month Carrie Gouskos puts out a Producer’s Letter to the Warhammer Online community to keep us informed of the “Future” of WAR. This month’s Producer’s Letter can be found HERE. A few points are touched on this month, such as the addition of 6v6 Scenarios, the locking down on LoTD to level 32 and above, the addition of high XP giving NPCs into T2 & T3 RvR Lakes and also she mentions the fact that a few members of the WAR Dev team will be making an appearance at Gamescon in Germany (Aug 18-22), as well as Games Day in Baltimore (Aug 21).

All very good points. The most interesting points to me being the appearances at Gamescon and Games Day. Now, in past Producer’s Letters and various interviews it has been hinted that the end of the Summer will be bringing not only welcomed cooler weather, but BIG news for WAR. Just the phrase “Big News” alone will get a player’s mind running 876mph a minute. But when you pair “Big News” together with some tid bits from a recent article with Carrie and Buffed.de (an interview that I read about while reading Werit’s Blog) , our minds jump from 876mph to ludicrous speed. We have officially gone PLAID!

Specific points out of this interview that help us surpass Light Speed would be as follows (Keep in mind that this article had to be translated through Google Translate)

buffed: You have in the past few months so existing content and game mechanics changed a lot. Since the countries of the dead but there were no really large package of completely new content more. What can players expect in this regard?

Gouskos: This is a very good question (laughs) …  I can help you in this year’s gamescom in Cologne probably tell more.  We are working actively on new content and not just on revisions to the existing game.

buffed: New challenges are certainly among the most ardent wishes of the players of Warhammer Online.

Gouskos: We definitely have interesting new challenges in prospect.

buffed: Last year there were many rumors about a truly great expansion for Warhammer Online. So any content patch, but as an extension of Wrath of the Lich King for World of Warcraft. Can you comment on them?

Gouskos: Without spoiling too much and you still surprise in Cologne to be able to – we are working on new game content, more than a content patch.Whether we as an extension in the style mount a Wrath of the Lich King, I can not say. We are just thinking of what we can do. New enemies, new areas – these are things that we explore. How and when do we bring this to the players, is not fixed yet.

buffed: We have something vampires and Bretonniere heard of – maybe this applies to you?

Gouskos: Maybe yes, maybe not (laughs).  There are some clues. You’ll probably get a premonition, if you the patches exactly that appear this summer.

So, now after reading that info and being told to stay tuned for the coverage of Gamescon AND members of the WAR Dev team will be making a “special presentation and live Question & Answer session” along with a small tick, I have a good feeling that we just may be having an expansion announcement coming our way come the end of August. The real question that everyone has is “WTF is going to be in it??!?”. Well, that question is a bit tougher seeing as how there is virtually no leaked information, minus hints of the “Red Plague” and “Skaven”. New races? New classes? New zones? Only time will tell. But for now, I will push you over to Bootae’s Bloody Blog on an entry covering the newly released Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook which has a few additions concerning races. . . which happens to included Skaven. . .  could there be a connection between the new Rule Book and our beloved WAR?! You be the judge and we will find out the answer come August!

New WHFB Rule Book confirms Order cs Destruction grouping


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