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Warhammer Online Forums now with Bioware

I am still on the fence about this move. Maybe it’s due to the major change? Maybe its due to fact that the forums are no longer residing on the games site? Maybe its the fact that they seem to visually blow? Or maybe its due to the fact that the Official Warhammer Online RSS Feed was broken for the first few days, which honestly made me giggle. When I would click the link stating “Welcome to the BioWare Social Network!” I was met with a “Fatal Database Error”, you just have to laugh. Awesome intro to the new site.

In any Event, it looks like that mess has been cleaned up (FOUND HERE) as well as the look of the newly merged forums have seem to of received a face lift from when they first launched not too long ago. Now, if you are “Dedicated Forum Goer” and don’t know how to setup a forum account, Bioware Mythic has produced a video podcast JUST FOR YOU! (FOUND HERE). One change I really do wish they would have made to the new forum was to not allow endless trial accounts to have a Forum account. To me, when I actually do check the forums, it always seems the trial account players are being straight up Negative Nancys, which is one massive reason that I generally don’t dig too deep into the forums. Whiners. NOTE: If you don’t like the game, or you think its dying. . then either unsub or stop playing. Pretty easy concept.

On that note, please go check out and support the new Warhammer Online Forums, everything is fresh, shiny and even still have that new forum smell for you to enjoy.


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